HPP-BF-G1 is a General purpose biofertilizer that helps maintain the natural equilibrium between Organic Carbon N, P and K in the soil structure eventually maintaining the health of the soil and also helps the rejuvenation of the barren soil.


HPP-BF-PhytoGuard is a Trichoderma based biofungicide that works efciently as an antifungal agent when applied, thus preventing the attack of phyto pathogenic fungi on plants. The multiple strains present in the formulation colonizes in the root zone and attacks the phyto pathogenic fungi (mycoparasitism) inducing resistance in plants against other pathogenic fungal attacks.


HPP-BF-NitroBoost helps in xing the atmospheric Nitrogen and boosting the availability of the same to plants. It contains highly efcient nitrogen xing bacteria of various species. HPP-BCNitroBoost has a blend of Symbiotic and free-living non-symbiotic aerobic nitrogen xing bacteria found in rhizosphere zone of many plants.


HPP-BF-FosfoBoost is a blend of unique and potent phosphate solubilizing microbial consortia. The microbes present in the formulation helps in making the locked phosphorus available for the plants for nutritional uptake.


HPP-BC1 is a specially designed biodegradation product having a microbial consortia capable of enzymatically breaking down a broad range of organic compounds in the municipal and institutional solid wastes. These cultures have the ability to produce enzymes to break down complex organics to simple form that could be easily consumed by plants. It is recommended for use in the bioconversion of municipal and institutional solid wastes to organic rich manure.

HPP - Pgr3:

HPP-PGr3 is a specially designed Plant Growth promoter, produced through microbial sources. It helps inuence cell division and shoot formation, leaf formation and stem growth, fruit development and ripening.


HPP-Nzym-In are Industrial grade enzymes developed by HPP to address the different needs and applications in industry as they are efcient, selective, accelerate and speed up the reaction.

Other Products


HPP-OCw1 is a biochemical based water soluble odour control agent which is easy to use, effective and economical. This could be used for odor control in various segments of Industries.



HPP-OCs1 is a biochemical based odour control agent which is easy to use and effective against odour in the used oil, recycled solvents, lubricants, biodiesel and re-rened oil.



HPP-FOG is a bio-chemical based product that helps as an Oil breaking and Degreasing agent. It is recommended for use in the breakdown of Fat, Oil & Grease, machine oil, mineral oil & vegetable oil and designed to address the problems faced by various segments of Industries.


It’s a natural plant extract of food grade quality, that protects against spoilage, color&avor change, rancidity and loss of overall product quality and helps achieve a stable product by quenching trapped oxygen and moisture present inside sealed packaging.


It’s a natural food grade product that typically binds water and control the water activity thereby enhancing the stability, texture, and avor of the food product. Addition of HPP-RE1 reduces water activity, while retaining moisture.